Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast Crescent Rolls!

My best friend Amanda came to visit from Chicago a few weeks ago with Dannielle (who has an up-to-the-minute photo blog). The morning after the Hanson concert -- yeah, I said Hanson -- I fixed these super easy deliciousnesses.

Basically, you just scramble some eggs (usually 3), put some stuff in it and then roll it all up in a tube of crescent rolls. I like the big 'n' flaky ones best. I like this so much I generally keep a tube in the fridge. Otherwise, I'd never fix eggs for breakfast -- though the pyramids might change that. Stay tuned.

This particular Friday morning after Hanson rocked First Ave and I had blisters on my feet from walking downtown, I took inventory of my fridge and my leftovers. I put spinach, shredded cheddar, diced seasoned potatoes I had in some tupperware and just a little bacon that I Foremanned real quick. It ain't breakfast without bacon, right?

Again, this is the kind of meal where to take what you got and stick it in. I've also made this with sliced green onions, tomatoes, brie cheese... whatever you put in your omelet(te) will good. Peppers, mushrooms, salsa... I don't know, what do you put in your omelet(te)?

Then you roll it up real nice into little pockets. I make sure that it's sealed all the way around so there's no spillage because I hate cleaning my oven.

Follow the directions for baking, I guess. I don't use a timer in the kitchen anymore; I just watch and wait 'til they're pretty and toasty brown -- like this!

Bon apebreakfast.

Haha. Ape breakfast. I called you an ape.

... Which I guess, technically, you are.


Gary Arndt said...

Hey Molly. This is Haley's friend Gary. Greetings from Cambodia! Haley gave me the URL for your website.

You should check out

It is a community for people who run food blogs. Sounds right up your alley.

Molly O said...

Thanks, Gary!
I'll check it out.
How's Cambodia?
I love the Internet.

Erin said...

I want to see the inside! You need to do the infomercial thing where they slice things and let the goodies ooze out.