Monday, May 18, 2009

MiniVideoBlog: Fun with Butter!

Butter! - Experimental Cookery MiniVideoBlog from Molly O on Vimeo.

Hey, food freaks!
What's the one thing that makes everything in your kitchen taste better? That's right! Butter.
(Other acceptable answers: Tabasco, Tony's, basil, garlic. But this post is about butter.)

I bought something cool at the grocery store today, and it set all sorts of ideas buzzing in my head because of a meal I made last week. Here's a quick minivideo of me... talking about butter. = Dorktastic! ... Maybe I shouldn't be posting this on the Internet... I'm looking for a new job.

I'm not going to lie -- I sort of stole this whole idea from my parents and their awesome neighborly holiday presents. They made some sort of seasoned butter for their friends. But intellectual property rights be damned! That's what I love about cooking. Did you know that you can't copyright an ingredient list? You can only copyright the actual 'how-to' text part of the recipe. Don't know how I know that.

Brainstorm time! Other flavor variations to try:
  • brown sugar/cinnamon
  • red curry!
  • basil/pesto

Get ready for another exciting recipe! Coming soon. haha.

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