Saturday, May 23, 2009

OJ Pops

Here is a weird picture of me eating an OJ Popsicle. I have a set of DIY popsicle things - so awesome in the summer and great for experimenting. Usually, they're, like, two bucks at the grocery store. Totally worth it!

Brainstorm for popsicle flavors:
  • Juice of any kind - orange, raspberry, apple, juice cocktails...
  • Chocolate soy milk (probably my favorite!)
  • Yogurt + frozen fruit - usually raspberries in my house
Speaking of frozen treats, I also totally have to encourage you to make broth ice cubes for your dog this summer. Phydeaux loves them when it's hot.

1 comment:

Shawn said...

I had those things growing up! I think that they would be wonderful to buy and use again. I know Penny would appreciate broth popsicles, as per your recommendation.